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Tree Planting Unity Ceremony

tree planting unity ceremony sitio weddings events

There are many ways to signify the unity of your marriage, but one of our favorites, here at Sitio, is a Tree Planting Unity Ceremony. Including a tree planting ceremony in your marriage has been around for centuries all over the world. This eco-friendly practice is a great way to see time pass and your relationship grow, just as your tree will.

“The symbolism behind the tree is simple and beautiful… It represents [a] relationship taking root, growing, and flourishing as [you] officially become a family.”

North Carolinian blogger, Hali Schaefer, of Dammit, Hali, who planted a dogwood tree at her wedding

Tree types and their symbolic meanings:

Crabapple Tree: fertility, love, and marriage
Apple Tree: love, good health, and future happiness
Maple Tree: balance, practical magic, longevity, generosity, and intelligence.
Oak Tree: strength, morale, and knowledge
Birch Tree: rebirth, new beginnings, and growth.
Willow Tree: flexibility, fertility, and spirituality
Ash Tree: strength, mystic power, productivity, and endurance
Walnut Tree: uniqueness, discernment, and prosperity
Linden Tree: luck, protection, and love
Magnolia Tree: dignity, nobility, and prosperity
Elm Tree: unity, wisdom, and eternity.
Pine Tree: fertility, wisdom, peace, and longevity
Spruce Tree: eternal life, resilience, and strength

See the full list of available trees for planting at Sitio Weddings + Events:

tree planting ceremony spruce tree Sitio Weddings
tree planting ceremony spruce tree Sitio Weddings
Ready to take the next step? Want a tree planting at your wedding? Have more questions?